Year of Wood Goat 2015

The Year 2015 is termed the Wood Goat Year in Feng Shui aspect. The Year 2015 is in fact, the 4712th Chinese year.

Historically, the first king of China was the known as the Yellow King. The Yellow King was sworn in 2697 B.C.

The Lunar Year is calculated using the 60 Stem Branch counting formula. Hence, the Green Wood Goat falls in the the 32nd Stem Branch of the cycle. Using the formula of (60 x 78) + 32 = 4712 to do a calculation, it is derived that the Year of Wood Goat is the 4712 years into the Lunar Year.

Also, the Chinese Year uses the cycle of 60 Stem-Branch counting systems and the Green Wood Sheep is the 32nd Stem-Branch in the cycle. Since (60 *78) + 32 = 4712, therefore 2015 is the Wooden Sheep year, which is the 4712th Chinese Year.

In this Wood Goat year, the Heavenly Stem, also called the Yin Wood, counteracts with the Earth Branch of Yin Earth. This counteraction signifies Volatility, Chaos & Disasters, & unfortunately, couples along with destruction.

9 Palaces

In year of Wood Goat 2015, the Ferocious inauspicious “Three Killings” & the Destructive “Five Yellow” are at the West Sector. Therefore, we are expecting bad news in countries such as United States of America (USA), Mexico, in terms of illnesses, wars, killings, terrorism & economy crisis.