World Feng Shui Forecast & Review 2015

How time flies…we are  moving towards the end of year 2014 & embracing the year 2015 very soon! This is the World Feng Shui Forecast 2015 Review that I am sharing with all of you.

In the world of Geomancy, year 2015,  is known as the year of Wood Goat. The heavenly stem is Yin Wood counteracting the earth branch of Yin Earth signifying volatility and disaster along with distinction.

The ferocious inauspicious “Three Killings” & “Destructive Yellow”  are at the West Sector. We would expect more bad news of drastic mishaps in countries such as USA, Mexico in the context of potential illness, killings, terrorism & economy crisis.

As the Heavenly Stem Wood counteracts the Earth Element, business related to Earth Element will be adversely affected, the performance may be similar to year 2014, if not, worse. Please refer to the Five Elements of Feng Shui Analysis I have tabulated to understand in more in depth on the Earth Element.

The Earth Element industries include Construction, Real Estate, Hotels, Renovation, Mining etc. There may be many companies to be badly hit & to the extent of going into bankruptcy, due to the changing of rules & regulations.

Specifically in Singapore, we are expecting to see an increase in Labour Levy hitting SG$1K in this already very stretched environment.

Wood Element industry for Feng Shui Forecast & Review 2015 will do very well! Industries categorized under the Wood Element is as such: Accountants, Teachers, Furniture business, Agriculture, Education and Medical industry will be of strong demand.

Good news for Metal Element industry in the World Feng Shui Forecast & Review 2015 as it is forecasted to flourish, sighting an an uplift in aluminium & stainless steel products such as Hardware, Weapons, Infrastructure, Automobile, Heavy Metal Equipment to show a surge in demand.

Fire Element related trades which prospered in Year 2014 will still flourish but can expect a downturn in second half of 2015. This trade is mainly food & beverage industry such as restaurant business, food chain business, electrical & electronics business & telecommunication business.

The wholesome impact could be much significantly felt in the second half of the Wood Goat Year 2015. Bad news for Trade in Water such as Logistics, Airline, Water Resources, Shipping & Port Services will not be spared too.

We are expecting to see many countries to be hit by natural disasters such as Floods, Typhoon, causing great threat to mankind.

I’ve attached an the illustration on the Nine Places that is in conjunction with the Lucky & Unlucky Stars for the Year of Wood Goat 2015. Get into more understanding reading  the Year Of Wood Goat 2015.

9 Palaces