World Feng Shui Forecast 2016



The Fire Monkey 2016


Monkey,  with its swinging unpredictable mischievous actions of menace restlessness always associates with volatility and the catastrophe of tragedies. I had make predictions in year 2004 of Wooden Monkey that disasters will come from the Earth & Water.

We saw one of the worst and deadliest earth quake with Tsunami hitting Indonesia Sri Lanka India and Thailand with death toll of  more than 227 ,000 people . First human case of H5N1 detected lead to fright of fowl consumption.

The past Monkey years also seen many assassinations and death such as Lebanon bombing assassinations, Robert F Kennedy , Martin Luther King & John Lennon . Theo Van Gogh killed by Muslim extremist for his movies seen as threat to Islam.

Ushering the coming 2016 year of Monkey with heavenly stem of Fire and earthly branches of Metal with combination of Earth and Water ,we are already starting to see the beginning of volatility and signs of terror & chaos round the world along with drastic weather changes. Here are the summary of the World Feng Shui Forecast 2016.

We shall see the greatest volcano eruption in the West namely America in the Montana region, natural disasters in America. Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, China in NE region where the Number 5 Five Yellow Disastrous Star may see earth quake leading to tsunami monsoon and floods. With Number 2 Black Plague Star in the Central Palace, we will expect an outbreak of deadly disease which is highly contagious.

Fire burning Metal represents weapons. Fire and explosions everywhere around the world bring by the swinging and somersaulting of Monkey God. New precedent of danger will made bench mark. However, in time of chaos, there are vast opportunities just like volcano eruption where the destruction by lava and ash made the soil more fertile, hence, bringing forward new life.

The Fire Monkey year favors new innovation in technology, Science, Medicine & Communication sector. Entrepreneurs who dare with new innovative creation will see breakthrough and success.

Facebook is one good example since it started 12 years ago.

Favorable businesses for the year are those related to Fire such as food industries, FMCG groceries, electrical electronics, computer, digital media, fire arms and those related to Water require careful management planning will see opportunities such as transport, drinks stall, logistic, airlines, shares, Forex.

Earth related business such as construction and property buildings, shopping centers, developer renovation tiles have been down two years ago will see a mild improvement. Wood related business such as education medicine will be stalled as the world economy come to a financial down turn freezing of headcount is expected.

Overall for the individual, the Fire Monkey year is full of energy, life and challenges.

Innovation creativity growth and progress. Finding a niche to excel requiring one to standout above the others in quality service and achievements. The year is also good to upgrade and improve skills education.