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Home Feng Shui

A house is a place for people to seek shelter. It must primarily face a good direction. In the context of Feng Shui, a house that faces good direction facing varies for different people. Orientation of the main door, living hall, dining area, the bedrooms & the kitchen is the key aspect.

It is crucial to harmonize the energy of your dwellings with Feng Shui annually as the direction of Luck Cycle is not fixed & changes with time. Placement of Feng Shui items to harness & improve on the luck, ¬†fortune & well being, to counter one’s shortfall from the 5 Elements.

In Singapore, the houses are categorized mainly into 3 main types, HDB flats, Apartments or Condominiums & Landed Houses. There are difference & uniqueness in the Feng Shui aspects of these properties.

  1. HDB Feng Shui
  2. Landed House Feng Shui
  3. Condominium Feng Shui