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Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Tiger in 2015

Chinese Zodiac Sign shows Tiger

Chinese Zodiac Tiger

Please be mindful that the Feng Shui tips shared here should be used only for reference guidelines as they are based on general predictions of the Chinese Zodiac sign.

There is absolutely more aspects to consider in every human being & not that just solely on the Chinese Zodiac sign of the year the person is born. If you are understand enough of Chinese Astrology, it is known that slight difference in minutes in an individual’s birth date & time makes a huge lot of difference in his life & death.

Nevertheless, adopting these feng shui tips will definitely help improve your energy & create awareness of your potential in the Wood Goat year of 2015.

Good news for chinese Zodiac Tiger in the Wood Goat Year 2015. There are many Lucky Stars, Happiness Stars, King Pro Star & Dragon Merit Star are here for Tiger friends.


Wealth & Career Luck:

It is a smooth riding year for the chinese Zodiac Tiger with many benefactors & supporters closely behind. It is the best time to impress the boss with constructive innovative ideas & also opportunities of promotion along the way. For businessmen & entrepreneurs, it is also a good time to start or expand the existing businesses or companies, but bear in mind of legal matters that may be brought forward from the previous year.
However, the area of Interpersonal Relationship needs to be strengthened.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Tiger in 2015: 

Tiger friends get the Exuberant Flying Pegasus to double charges the fortune to an even higher level.



Health is overall good but do be careful of eating the wrong or unhygenic food. Tiger people are generally in good health, but pay attention to water sports safety & beware of accidents. Tiger Women have to be more careful to avoid falls as it may hurt bones or face. Pregnant ladies have to be extra careful to avoid miscarriage, minimize climbing to reduce risk of accidents.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Tiger in 2015: 

Tiger friends who have Gastrointestinal diseases may have the conditions aggravated. It is highly recommended to display the Exuberant Flying Pegasus which harmonizes the weak energy & charges up the fortune to the next higher level.



Tiger people are rich in Romance life this year & are expected to meet the other half of love. Due to the existence of Love Palace Star, some of the Tiger friends will have to beware of getting into relationship with a married woman or married man, while it is easy to get to know a third party. It is very vulnerable to catch the opposite sex on the internet.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Tiger in 2015: 

It is good advice that married couples pay attention to care about each other & spend more time with family, especially when your other half is often being busy online.


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