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Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit in 2015

Chinese Zodiac Sign that represents Rabbit

Chinese Zodiac Rabbit


Please be mindful that the Feng Shui tips shared here should be used only for reference guidelines as they are based on general predictions of the overall well being of the Chinese Zodiac sign.

There is absolutely more aspects to consider in every human being & not that just solely on the Chinese Zodiac sign of the year the person is born. If you are understand enough of Chinese Astrology, it is known that slight difference in minutes in an individual’s birth date & time makes a huge lot of difference in his life & death.

Nevertheless, adopting these Feng Shui tips will definitely help improve your energy & create awareness of your potential in the Wood Goat year of 2015.

Though Rabbit is a compatible Chinese Zodiac sign with Goat, Wood Goat year 2015 is regarded as an average in general. With the General Star (将星), Volatile Star (飞廉星), Fu Chen Star (浮沉星), Blood Knife Star (血刃血支星) & White Tiger Star (白虎星) present in this Wood Goat year of 2015, Rabbit people are vulnerable to disputes & conflicts.  Especially the Fu Chen Star (浮沉星), it affects tremendously on the emotional aspect of the Rabbit friends. This will easily make you lose your head.

It is good advice to drive careful, avoid speeding as Rabbit friends are very prone to accidents even if you are in the right of way.


Wealth & Career Luck: 

Improving social skill is very important for this year. Having said that there are ill luck Stars in 2015 surrounding Rabbit, it is after all, a compatible Zodiac sign with the Goat.
Breaking through obstacles will bring bright future for businesses & career. Rabbit friends must  be proactive. Be very tactful & humble. Being vigilant is very important to prevent disaster. It is wise to keep a low profile & always bear in mind to keep calm if disagreements or disputes with others arise.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit in 2015: It is good to carry a Pig Pendent to boost Luck energy. Another Feng Shui cure is to offer blood donation to enhance surrounding of Luck energy.



There is not much major health issues this year, except feeling tired & it is good to take some time off to travel & charge up. Having said that, Rabbit friends do watch out for health with the ill luck Stars existing. Rabbit people do have to pay more attention to chronic diseases & do be extra care towards the legs. Otherwise, it’ll lead to poor blood circulation.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit in 2015:

It is good advice to carry a Pig Pendent to ward off unlucky Stars, boost & harmonize Health energy.



Popularity of Rabbit people is risen & vulnerable to the attention of the opposite sex. This is especially true for Male Rabbit friends. Hence, they are likely to be involved in a love affair.
As for couples who have the intention to get married, this is a great year to tie the knot.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Rabbit in 2015: 

Do pay special attention to maintain the marriage & get a solution to the problem early before it’s too late. In this case, the spouse has to stand firm & manage the situation in a calm but firm stand. Otherwise, it may lead to family tragedy. It is good to carry a Pig Pendent to boost & calm Relationship energy.


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