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Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Pig in 2015


chinese zodiac sign pig

Chinese Zodiac Pig


Please be mindful that the Feng Shui tips shared here should be used only for reference guidelines as they are based on general predictions of the Chinese Zodiac sign.

There is absolutely more aspects to consider in every human being & not that just solely on the Chinese Zodiac sign of the year the person is born. If you are understand enough of Chinese Astrology, it is known that slight difference in minutes in an individual’s birth date & time makes a huge lot of difference in his life & death.

Nevertheless, adopting these Feng Shui tips will definitely help improve your energy & create awareness of your potential in the Wood Goat year of 2015.

Although Pig friends are compatible friends with Goat, do expect some dangers & risk, just like riding on a seemingly swift flow sailing with dangerous rocks protruding bank as obstacles. Some small issues will snowball into big problems & make matter worse if it is not handled carefully.

Hence, a proactive approach & measure is required to ensure no sudden derivation. Full concentration & alertness are necessary while driving in 2015 for Pig people as there may be accidents & be wary of Legal matters, Government fines or summons.


Wealth & Career Luck:

Chinese Zodiac Pig have some luck in the Career aspect. Bosses will recognize your contribution toward work. Good interpersonal relationship between co-workers that helps in team work projects. Do not get too carried away & be careful of misconduct in words.
Do not be guarantor or sign contracts blindly. This Goat year is best to stay stable for business or work. First half of the year to work to build a strong foundation. Zodiac pig friends are required to work with a cool head, careful analysis plus the courage of a warrior to create success. Second half of the year to ride on the smoother luck to take on bigger & tougher challenges. Hence, to achieve great results.
The Goat year is good for Wealth luck for Zodiac Pig. Pay more attention to customers & this may bring unexpected business. Work hard to have good salary. Invest some money on building relationship with customers. Pay attention to money management to grow the vault. With the money you make, it is wise to invest on futures or property this year.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Pig in 2015:

It will be helpful to carry Jade Rabbit pendant in 2015 to enhance wealth & career luck.



Chinese Zodiac Pig has generally not much of hiccups towards health in the Goat year 2015. However, mood is more volatile. Do go for healthy diet & eat more crude fiber foods such as oatmeal & vegetables to improve further on health. Health may have sudden downturn as there is Injury Star, Surgery Star & Blood Star haunting. This year should pay attention to rest & to ensure adequate sleep. First half of year may have undulating emotions exchanges that leads to heart, blood vessels & other aspects of the diseases. The second half year will be smooth. Keep a look out at the change of season as it may bring physical discomfort. Watch out for the hustle & bustle of the occasions, susceptible to disease.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Pig in 2015:

Poor physical health Zodiac Pig may wish to carry Jade Rabbit pendant for protection security & peace.



Zodiac Pig has a good Love luck in the San He year. This means no clash of any forms of Zodiac signs. Single Zodiac Pigs are expected to meet with his or her partner or maintaining a steady relationship. Do spend time on managing the love relationship for couples. For Male Zodiac Pigs, more abundant in emotional aspects & hence, chasing tight after the other half. As for Female Zodiac Pig, more vulnerable emotional ups & downs are expected due to colorful Love relationship.
Expect to tie the knot this year for couples who are already dating for awhile.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Pig in 2015: 

It will be helpful to carry Jade Rabbit pendant in 2015 to further enhance Love luck.


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