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Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Horse in 2015

Chinese Zodiac Sign showing Horse

Chinese Zodiac Horse


Please be mindful that the Feng Shui tips shared here should be used only for reference guidelines as they are based on general predictions of the overall well being of the Chinese Zodiac sign.

There is absolutely more aspects to consider in every human being & not that just solely on the Chinese Zodiac sign of the year the person is born. If you are understand enough of Chinese Astrology, it is known that slight difference in minutes in an individual’s birth date & time makes a huge lot of difference in his life & death.

Nevertheless, adopting these feng shui tips will definitely help improve your energy & create awareness of your potential in the Wood Goat year of 2015.

The Horse & Goat are compatible partners, Lucky Stars such as Mobility Star or Yi Ma Star (驿马星) & Tai Yang Gui Ren Star (太阳贵人星) will help to boost the Luck energy. Another Star, known as Mo Yue Star (陌越星) is present this Goat year that may result in indecisiveness & procrastination on decision making.


Wealth & Career Luck: 

With the lucky Mobility Star (驿马星) to assist in Wood Goat year 2015, Wealth luck will be enhanced in turn. There will be supporters, good leads & good referrals giving unexpected good news.
Male Horses have greater development opportunities, creative thinking & creative new ideas with good supporters & help. Do not get over the head & too eager to make major changes. Do monitor the current situation & the surroundings to ensure winning results.
Smooth sailing for Females without undulating situations.
It will be good for Horse friends to go into partnership or collaboration. This will bring synergy for business. However, be mindful not to embark in quick buck scheme businesses that may eventually end up disastrous.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Horse in 2015:

In order to facilitate the development of 2015, Horse people can display Mastiff ornament Feng Shui product in the office.



Ilness Star is here for the Horse people in Goat Year 2015. Therefore, do pay extra attention to hygiene. Regular exercise is recommended for Horse friends.
It is good advice to rest, as there will be a fear of overwork and hence falling sick. Women need regular check-ups, do pay attention to gynecological diseases. Safe to go on holidays. This year, Health needs most attention for the Horse friends, there is that “Wealthy but Weak” phenomenon.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Horse in 2015:  Poor physical conditions Horses to carry Buddha pendants for security, peace & protection.



Feeling good luck this year, Singles are expected to tie the knot, married couples are emotionally stable, loving husband & wife. However, for those successful married Male Horses, chances of affairs are high in the Goat year,
Relationship energy must be enhanced as it may come to a stall. Married couples may face infidelity matters & the appearing of third party into the picture. Do put an effort to keep a distance from extra marital affair.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Horse in 2015: 

For the wives to ensure husbands to stay away from affairs, carry a Fox Pendant Feng Shui product as prevention.


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