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Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Dog in 2015


Chinese Zodiac Sign showing the Dog

Chinese Zodiac Dog



Please be mindful that the Feng Shui tips shared here should be used only for reference guidelines as they are based on general predictions of the Chinese Zodiac sign.

There is absolutely more aspects to consider in every human being & not that just solely on the Chinese Zodiac sign of the year the person is born. If you are understand enough of Chinese Astrology, it is known that slight difference in minutes in an individual’s birth date & time makes a huge lot of difference in his life & death.

Nevertheless, adopting these feng shui tips will definitely help improve your energy & create awareness of your potential in the Wood Goat year of 2015.

Friends who are born in the year of Dog offend Grand Duke (Tai Sui) for Wood Goat Year 2015. Males will have weaker luck as they will meet Tai Yin Star. Dog people may encounter slander, backstabbing or trouble create by female partners.

Hence, Dog friends are advised to treat all fairly & not to offend the ladies. Feng Shui Master Richard Tay added that it is important to treat all ladies with respect & appreciation, especially towards spouse, girl friends, female superiors, subordinates & even to female clients.

Diligence & commitment are the solutions along with mindful interaction with people.


Wealth & Career Luck: 

The Wood Goat year is a spending year for Dog people. It is good to avoid money lending & disputes with friends. Though Dog people have offended the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) this year, there is Jupiter Star to resolve all the obstacles ahead.


Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Dog in 2015:

Dog Zodiac people to do more charity to avoid losing money in other areas. Dog Zodiac friends to displace Exuberant Flying Pegasus or carry the Golden Horse Pendant to enhance Luck energy for the Goat Year.



Do take extra care with health, as Dog friends do fall sick fairly often in the Wood Goat year. Health will be affected this year. Do take attention to the diet, avoid seafood & spicy food. Be careful to the stomach & digestive system as it will be prone to problems.
In addition, motorists to take extra care on the roads. If feeling tired due to work, it is better not to drive Dog Zodiac people should avoid drinking & driving. Never leave things to chance.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Dog in 2015:

Dog Zodiac friends can place a Blessed Flying Pegasus or Brass Elixir of Health Herbal Gourd for resolving disasters & protection in 2015.



Special attention to improve interpersonal relationships as Dog friends will face emotional exchanges such as loneliness, helplessness. For those in relationship, do spend more attention in maintaining the romance, else, the result of splitting is possible.

Feng Shui Tips for Chinese Zodiac Dog in 2015: 

It is good advice to place a Blessed Pegasus or Golden Horse Pendent for Feng Shui Cure & resolving all disasters in 2015.


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