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Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui works like magic, it is an unseen force that can manipulate to your advantage or disadvantage with almost immediate effect.

A good Feng Shui Master is able to help one harness positive energy from the Cosmic Universe into the house. However, it works the other way round too if one meets an unethical Feng Shui Master. Subsequent article is some of the Feng Shui Tips which I am going to share.

Here are some Feng Shui tips on attracting, harmonizing Positive Energy & enhancing fortune, luck, wealth & relationships.

Every object placement affects the Feng Shui of the surroundings, a person & the dwellings. From the placement of the shoe rack next to dining table to a living room that is filled with extra aroma of salted fish, bacteria or shoes cluttered at the door entrance. From Dying plants, filthy aquarium to ever mouldy bread or storage of expired food etc.

To attract Wealth & Good Fortune into the house, it is important to place a Wealth Abundance Pot at a specific location of the home, the specific location, being the specific position for improving abundance prosperity, & the ingredients of the Five Elements are to be placed in the Wealth Abundance Pot.

This has to be determined by an experienced Feng Shui Master, as to add more of Gold, Wood, Fire or Water Element, is much dependant on your overall Eight Characters, or commonly known as Sheng Chen Ba Zi statistics.

A Water Fountain in a home symbolizes the flow of water into the house, & not out of the house. The placement of the Water Fountain must be at a precise location.

Paintings or pictures with light hanging on the wall, is preferably & mountains with rising sun, waterfall & trees. However, this Feng Shui cure or harnessing energy solutions cannot apply to all.

The numbers plays a very important role in Feng Shui.

Often at times, prevention is always better than cure. Displaying or carrying Feng Shui cure is a profound knowledge. Carrying a wrong Feng Shui item sometimes may induce more bad or negative Energy if you’re not exactly sure with your Ba Zi Reading. The full details of birth date, time, the direction of dwelling & Flying Star must all be taken in account.

For these exceptional instances, the Feng Shui cures can be implemented without needing your Ba Zi, house direction & Flying Star.

Feng Shui tips such as displaying A Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui item is one of the most effective Feng Shui cure against the Flying Star 7. Carrying a Blue Rhinoceros in the form of amulet, key chain or bag accessory is also a Feng Shui prevention and protection against violence & robbery.

Another effective Feng Shui cure against violence & robbery is the display of Elephant. An Elephant symbolizes stability & harmony. You may display the Elephant at any corner of your house, the best placement will be displaying it the living hall facing towards the front door. Carrying an Elephant in the form of amulet, key chain or bag accessory is also a Feng Shui prevention and protection against violence & robbery.

Matching  both Blue Rhinoceros & Elephant doubles the power of the Feng Shui cure.

Some Feng Shui tips on displaying plants around the surroundings of dwellings. Plants are living things that emit light, oxygen. Hence they help to decorate a home which in turn harness happiness, peace, family harmony as wealth.

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