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Ba Zi Reading Analysis – Four Pillars Of Destiny

When one is born, the day, month, year & hour form the Ba Zi (or Bazi) in the context of Feng Shui. The Ba Zi(or Bazi), or in Chinese term, Eight Characters, is made up of these 4 Heavenly components within the moment, Day, Month, Year & Time. The 4 Heavenly components which is alternatively named the Four Pillars of Destiny, will lead to 10 Heavenly Stems & the 12 Zodiacs or Almanac.

The Four Pillars, in the the Chinese dynastic phrase called Shēng Chén Bā Zì, are used in conjunction with some of the fortune telling methodologies & system such as Five Elements or Wu Xing, Zi Wei Dou Shu & Qi Men Dun Jia within the realm of Chinese Astrology. Ba Zi Reading analysis, unlike Chinese Astrology, does not focus on alignment of Celestial Stars and Planets. It is base on the alignment of blocks of time with reference to  the Chinese almanac since 10,000 years back.

In addition, Ba Zi will be used to derive the strengths & weaknesses of the Five Elements components.

In general, people work hard in most part of their life in search of success in career, fortune, business & riches. The cold hard truth is that, only a handful realized their dreams. Hence, many a times, action alone is not sufficient to control the destiny.

Ba Zi Reading Analysis will unravel the birth date coding, explaining how the characters on the five elements in the cosmic energy field, affect our life. The characters on the Five Elements either result in their energy to succeed or encountering misfortune.

Following the calendars of such energy flows, you can then apply effective Feng Shui countermeasures to steer the lives by following the good flow and avoiding the negative one!

It is of great importance to understand how the Ba Zi Reading Analysis of a person & thesurrounding of the flow of “Qi” can play a role of affecting & changing a person’s destiny.

Ba Zi consultation or services in Singapore helps to understand the current strength & weaknesses of individual & subsequently improves or harmonizes the weak energy & minimizes or calms the bad energy through a series of Feng Shui methodoligies.

After all, the result to Fortune, Prosperity, Success & Harmony rely primarily on three components: Destiny, Surroundings, and Action.

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