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Auspicious Chinese Names Consultation


The analysis of Chinese Name is the art of interpreting the strokes to the pronouncement and the meaning to determine whether it has auspicious or inauspicious implication to one’s character, health, family and luck without reference to one’s ‘Ba Zi’. This ancient Chinese Wisdom has take into consideration of the five elements and the positive and negative effect of numbers as well as the meaning of its words and sound vibration of a name. A Chinese name stands for one’s life cycle, reputation, social hierarchy and power. Olden sayings: (Name with right number of strokes and a harmonious combination of five elements enhance its owner to smooth sailing and windfall luck.Ba Zi Feng Shui Master Richard Tay analyses individual ‘Ba Zi’or Eight Characters to strengthen your shortfall and weaknesses.

Bad Chinese name is just like a tailsman hanging around your neck. Disgraceful names or unpleasant pronounciation not only makes a person feels awkward or shameful. One’s confidence losses and ill luck befalls. Only when cease using will bad or negative effect terminates. New auspicious Chinese name has pleasant sounding and boosts confidence and harmony.The decision to persevere using the Chinese name and proudly imitate or use will get good luck.

At Fortune Resource Centre, with Feng Shui specialist Master Richard Tay’s many years of experience, he shall transform Chinese character stroke combination to ward off the imbalance of the birth’s configuration five element weak harmonization so as to a Chinese name for improved fortune, prosperity & luck.

With the date of birth of new born, an auspicious Chinese name can be made to suit the elements and enhance the short comings or balance the advantages to uplift the luck of the individual.

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